Syn free if using a HexB… I used an 3 syns for the caramel sauce topping. I saw someone post the recipe but I can’t find who’s recipe it was now.⁣

🍩 40g of oats (HexB) ⁣
🍩 1 egg ⁣
🍩 2 tbsp of fat free yoghurt ⁣
🍩 1tbs of sweetener⁣
🍩 1tbs of caramel fudge syrup (skinny syrups) ⁣
🍩 1/2 tbs of baking powder ⁣

I put all the ingredients into a blender until smooth. I then poured into the mini donut maker machine and let them cook for 5 mins. Once done I topped with 1tbsp of salted caramel spread from Aldi (3 syns).⁣

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