5 syn brownies!


300 g sweet potato flash (should weight about 500 raws with skin on)

3 eggs.

100g self-raising flour (16 syns)

75g silver spoon half spoon ( 15 syns- it’s a mix of sugar & granulated sweetener you can buy in most supermarket.)

10tsp Morrison’s cocoa powder (5 syns must be Morrisons, others are 2x syns)

1tsp vanila extract

1tsp baking powder (0.5 syns)

8-10 syns worth of chocolate( I used a mix of asda own brand milk and white chocolate for 8.5 syns. use whatever you like.

if you prefer a sweetener flavor I would recommend using 1-2 tsp of a sugar-free/calorie-free syrup such as the syrups from trkg (syn free) if you don’t want to affect the flavor try something natural like their “glazed donut.” “vanilla”, or “white chocolate” syrups. you can also add things like their “mint”, “orange” or “hazelnut” to add an extra layer of flavour!


Pierce the sweet potatoes, microwave until soft – depends on your potatoes/microwave- but try 8-10 mins to start with! you can oven bake them to but microwaving will be quicker.

Meanwhile, sieve the flour & cocoa powder mix with all the dry ingredients. Beat your egg & vanilla together.

Scroop out sweet potatoes & weigh out 300g. Don’t worry _50g under/over is fine. Add to dry ingredients. mix and mash until combined.

Add eggs, chop up whatever chocolate you are using into small chunks & add that(don’t skip the choc. it adds fudginess & flavour)

If your mixture is really stiff you can add a little water or milk to thin it-it will be a thick mixture, thicker than your average cake mixture, but should still pour -only add a little bit of liquid through just to loosen it! Mine didn’t need it today.

Line a cake tin with baking paper & spray with fry light ( I used a square tin-23cm) pour in your mixture-use a spatula to spread to concerns and level out.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 20-25 mins. you should be able to stick a knife in the middle & it comes out clean.

Take out of the oven & leave to cool before cutting-I cut mine into 9. my mixture was exactly 45 syns, so 5 syns each. you should make 12 out of this mixture by using a slightly bigger tin. cutting slightly smaller slices. if cut into 12 they would be 3.75 syns each but I think 9 makes perfect size.

Top tip: save a few of the chocolate chunks to sprinkle over the top of the mixture once you’ve poured the mixture into the tin!

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