2 Weight Watchers points for the whole piece of bread- I got 48 crackers out of it. 1.Lavash bread (Joseph’s u can buy in walmart) 2.Olive oil 3.seasoning(which you like)

  1. Cut the lavash bread with a pizza cutter, spray with a little olive oil, and sprinkle whatever seasoning you like.
  2. *375 degrees for 5-7 mins
  3. The first batch I used everything bagel and ate them with Happy Farms cheese (2pts) and the second batch I used cinnamon and monkfruit! Both batches Savory and Sweet Homemade Crackers are soooo good.
  4. You can spray these with oil and add salt and put them in your air fryer too. I use them as tortilla chip replacements on fajita night.
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