I’m so happy to share these with you guys! They turned out so much better than I expected! I always had the idea in the back of my mind to create a cheesecake of some sort with the crust and topping of a Nanaimo bar but never got around to it…that is, until I realized I had a bar of cream cheese I really needed to use up! I am SO GLAD I decided to finally go for it. These are delicious and look awesome when cut into small squares. The filling is slightly different than a standard cheesecake because I used a bit of heavy cream and xanthan gum to give it a Nanaimo bar custard-like texture. But these are honestly so tasty, I brought them to a Christmas party and no one even knew they were keto..the whole plate was cleaned!

Serves: 28



-1 cup + 2 tbsp (130g) almond flour

-3 tbsp (15g) cocoa powder

-1/4 cup (60g) melted butter

-2 tbsp(10g) finely chopped pecans

-2 tbsp(10g) flaked or finely chopped shredded coconut

-1 1/2 tbsp truvia

-1 tbsp splenda

-1/4 tsp vanilla extract


-1 pkg (8oz) cream cheese, room temperature

-1/4 cup splenda (OR another sweetener that measures like sugar)

-2 tbsp truvia (OR 5 tbsp of another sweetener that measures like sugar)

-1/4 tsp xanthan gum

-2 tbsp(30g) heavy whipping cream

-2 eggs

-1/4 tsp vanilla extract


-1/4 cup(60g) stevia sweetened chocolate-chips (I use these or these-see original post for links)

-2 tbsp(30g) heavy cream


  1. Pre-heat oven to 300*F.
  2. In a medium bowl, combine all of your crust ingredients and stir until a dry, dough-like mixture forms.
  3. Press the dough into the bottom of an 8×8 inch pan lined with parchment paper. Place in the fridge.
  4. Meanwhile, in another bowl, beat together your cream cheese, xanthan gum and sweeteners.
  5. Next add your heavy cream and vanilla extract and beat until fluffy.
  6. Finally, add your eggs and beat until combined.
  7. Remove your crust from the fridge and pour the filling on top, smoothing the surface evenly with a spatula and tapping lightly on the counter to make sure everything is level.
  8. Bake for 30min at 300*F and then turn the oven off and leave in for an additional 10min.
  9. Cool for 10min on the counter and then refrigerate for at LEAST 2 hours before topping.
  10. For the topping, microwave the chocolate-chips and cream in 30s intervals until melted, stir to combine.
  11. Gently pour this mixture over the top of the cheese cake and spread evenly.
  12. Refrigerate again for 30min to an hour before slicing into squares. Enjoy!

Nutrition per square (based on 28 servings): 9g of fat | 1.2g of NET carbs | 2.6g of protein | 1.5g of fibre

*Note: You can add an additional tablespoon or so of sweetener if you prefer a sweeter bar more like traditional nanimo!

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