Just reached 3 months on WW and down 18lbs! I’m thrilled, long journey to go but I’m feeling so much better. I follow the plan ‘most’ of the time, not all the time, so I’m a slow and steady loss. Thought I would share one of my favorite 1 point breakfasts…
Banana Peanut Butter Pancakes:
1 ripe banana, smashed (0 points)
1 egg (0 points)
2 TBSP PB2 (peanut butter powder) (1 point)
1 tsp Cinnamon (more or less to taste) (0 points)
Handful of Blueberries (0 points)
Pam spray
Mix all together, except blueberries
Heat pan to medium, pour batter in – sprinkle with blueberries, cook maybe 3-4 mins on one side, flip, cook additional minute, or until done
I eat with a Greek Chobani Zero Sugar yogurt (1 point) or more fruit (0 points), or a hard boiled egg (0 points)
This is a good, hearty breakfast that is really filling! I don’t use syrup, these are great as they are – blueberries give them just the right pop of sweetness for me. Enjoy if you give them a go!
Have a great WW day, All! Stay strong 💪✌️

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