Lemon drizzle cake – SW

Serves 8 Syns per serving2 syn Ingredients: For the cake50g self raising flour2 lemons5 eggs, separated28g sweetener For the drizzle20g sweetener Juice of 1 lemon Method:Sift the flour first to remove any lumps.  Mix together the flour, rind of 2 lemons, juice from 1 lemon, sweetener and 5 egg yolks. Whisk the egg whites until stiff […]

SW Sugar and Cinnamon Donuts

Makes 10 donuts1.5 syn each INGREDIENTS:25g of self Raising flour (4syns)1tsp of baking powder (1/2syn)1tbs of natvia baking blend sweetener (1/2syn)2 large eggs separated1tsp of vanilla essence1tbs of vanilla skinny syrup Topping5tsp of caster sugar (5syns)1/2tsp of CinnamonSpritz of Butter frylight Sift together the flour sweetener and baking powder. Mix in the yolks, essence and […]

Slimming World 1 Syn Curly Wurly Brownies

I had some spare time and a wide range of ingredients in the kitchen after our food shop yesterday so I’ve managed to write another little post on how to make these amazing slimming world Curly Wurly brownies! What you will need:  3 medium eggs 2 tablespoons quark 2 tablespoons Sweetener – 1 Syn 2 […]