OREO CAKE!🌟 Come on, you gotta love me right now😘
Rich chocolatey sponge with broken Oreos running through. Creamy Oreo topping and only 2 Syns a slice…I know right👌🏼 .

19 Syns the whole cake
Cut into 10, 2 Syns a slice

60g Morrisons cocoa powder (10syns)
4tbsp of good quality sweetener (2syns)
1tsp of baking powder (1/2syn)
5 eggs separated
1tsp vanilla extract
2tbs of water
2 Oreo thins crumbled (3syns)

70g of alpro Go On or 0% greek yogurt or quark
2tsp sweetener
2 crumbled Oreo thins (3syns)
1tsp chocshot (1/2)
Use and electric whisk, whisk the egg whites until stiff.
Mix the cocoa powder egg yolks sweetener vanilla extract and water until you get a thick smooth mix.
Add a spoonful of the egg white and gently fold through. Continue until all the white has been used.
Add the crumbled Oreo thins and gently stir through.
Pour into a loaf tin sprayed with frylight or low cal oil and bake in a preheated oven 180 for 40mins
Once baked leave to cool completely while you make your topping
I mixed 70g of alpro Go On with 2 tsp of sweetener and 2 remaing Oreo thins. Spread over the top of the Oreo sponge cake. Drizzle with a tsp of chocshot.
Enjoy! X .

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